We invite you to stay at our unique, restored train car. Car 306 came from the factory as a combination car, meaning it carried passengers, freight and mail. As such, it is divided into three main compartments. Upon first entering, the passenger compartment now serves as the kitchenette, dining room and living room. You next pass into the former freight room which now serves as a second bedroom and the bathroom. The floors show evidence of years of heavy crates being moved across them. A large metal pan with drains to the open air sat in part of the area the bathroom now occupies. Some of the freight that this car delivered, included large blocks of cut lake ice that families and businesses used for refrigeration one hundred years ago. Passing into the last compartment, you enter the former mailroom, which now serves as the master bedroom. As the train made its daily route from Palouse, WA to Bovill, ID, it picked up mail at each station, a clerk sorted it, and it dropped off the sorted mail on its way back. Note the mail slots on either side of the car next to the exterior doors. The restoration of this car was filmed as part of the tv show, "Restoration Road" starring Clint Harp. Watch it here.